Learning More About the World's Religions
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Learning More About the World's Religions

Growing up, I was taught all there is to know about Christianity, but my family didn't put a lot of emphasis in trying to get to know the religions of other people from around the world. As a result, I had a lot of questions once I became an adult and started to do some traveling. I found myself visiting different churches and places of worship to get answers, and most of what I learned was simply fascinating. Today, I enjoy helping others understand the differences and similarities between various religions because I feel that it brings us closer together as humans. So I started this blog to provide insight and information about some of the most notorious religions of all time. I hope you enjoy what you find here!


Learning More About the World's Religions

Ways To Connect With The Earth And Maintain That Spiritual Connection

Deanna Peterson

For many people, no matter what religion they practice, the Earth is sacred and all-important. Mother Earth, as she is often called, is the source of life, of sustenance, of beauty, and much more. Because of this having a spiritual connection with the Earth can be highly beneficial in a number of ways. However, many people that want this connection do not know how to go about achieving that goal. Get to know some of the ways to connect with the Earth and to build and maintain that spiritual connection with the natural world. Then, you can begin to incorporate these practices into your life as soon as possible. 

Use Essential Oils

A healthy body and mind are essential in forging a true connection with the Earth, and all that nature has to offer. One of the ways to improve this mind-body health is through the use of essential oils. Essential oils are derived from herbs and other plants that are found in the natural world. Essentially, they provide a concentrated form of these plants. Examples of essential oils good for health include tea tree oil, lavender oil, citrus oil, and more. You can use essential oils to help you relax your mind and body relieving stress or even use them to help relieve headaches, cold symptoms, and more. They promote health and healing, and otherwise improve your overall well-being and happiness. 

The best way to get essential oils into your life is through an online essential oil membership service. This will allow you to always get the essential oils you need at a good and reasonable price. That way, your supply never dries up, and you can continue to use these natural means to improve your health as well as your connection with the Earth and the natural world. Essential oils are of nature, and when you use them, you are physically and mentally connecting with nature in a powerful way. The Earth is helping to heal and comfort you through essential oils and you, in turn, are more connected to the power of nature and the Earth than ever. 

Meditate in Nature

Connecting with the Earth requires you to explore her natural splendor and beauty. You need to get out in nature in order to truly build that spiritual bond. However, simply walking through nature mindlessly will not do the trick. You need to be fully mindful of what you are experiencing and how your body and the Earth connect and intertwine. As such, meditating in nature is a great way to begin to forge that connection. You can meditate, depending on your preferences, while in motion or you can stop and take a seat in a secluded natural spot to perform your meditation.

As you meditate, focus on the sounds of nature around you like the wind in the trees or the bubbling of a nearby stream. Focus on the sensations you are feeling like grass tickling your feet or the warm sun on your skin. Begin to think about the ways in which you are physically connected to the Earth at that moment. Then, focus on the ways in which you are spiritually connected to the Earth. Concentrate on the idea that you and the Earth are one and not separate. This type of meditation involves grounding as well as spiritual exploration which, when practiced regularly, creates an unbreakable connection between the practitioner and the Earth. 

Knowing these basic ways to better connect with the Earth as well as to maintain a spiritual connection, you can give them a try as soon as possible. For more information, contact an online essential oil membership services department.