Learning More About the World's Religions
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Learning More About the World's Religions

Growing up, I was taught all there is to know about Christianity, but my family didn't put a lot of emphasis in trying to get to know the religions of other people from around the world. As a result, I had a lot of questions once I became an adult and started to do some traveling. I found myself visiting different churches and places of worship to get answers, and most of what I learned was simply fascinating. Today, I enjoy helping others understand the differences and similarities between various religions because I feel that it brings us closer together as humans. So I started this blog to provide insight and information about some of the most notorious religions of all time. I hope you enjoy what you find here!


Learning More About the World's Religions

Appealing Reasons To Enroll In And Take Biblical Studies Classes

Deanna Peterson

The Bible can be difficult to read. Lay people often have very little idea of what is being revealed in the Bible or how to decipher the complex phrases and language in it.

Instead of struggling to read and understand it on your own, you can take part in lessons that teach you how to understand it better. You can enroll in and take Biblical study classes to learn how to read the Bible and explain it to others when asked.

Deciphering Complex Language

Even if you have a Bible that is translated into English, you still may not understand any of the stories in it. Despite understanding what each individual word means, you may have difficulties putting all of the words together and making sense out of them.

However, when you enroll in and take part in Biblical studies classes, you can learn how to read and understand the language of the Bible better. You can learn how words that mean one thing secularly take on different meanings in the Bible. You can also learn how to read entire paragraphs and understand what the underlying message in them means. 

Differentiating People in the Bible

As you read the Bible, you may come across people in it who all share the same first name. For example, there are several people named Mary in it. There are also several others who share the names John and James. 

It can be difficult to keep these people straight in your mind and realize what ones are being talked about throughout the Bible. You might easily confuse those with the same or similar names.

Instead of trying to sort them out, you can take Biblical studies classes and learn how to tell each person apart. You can understand the importance of people who may share the same name but have different roles in Bible stories. You can avoid confusing them and perhaps missing out on the more important message in what you are reading. 

Biblical studies classes can give you an advantage when you read the Bible. They allow you to learn how to decipher the complex language and understand the true meaning of words that are used secularly. You also learn how to recognize, differentiate and appreciate people who share the same name with each other. 

For more information about understanding the Bible through Biblical studies classes, contact a local organization that offers classes like these, like the International School of the Word.